Say hello to the newest member of the FUDGee Foam Family!!

Rainbow Rocker - Soft Play Kids Toy

Say hello to the newest member of the FUDGee Foam Family!! 

Introducing the Soft Play Rainbow Rocker: A Fun and Colorful Way to Enjoy Soft Play at home! This colorful, interactive soft play system is the latest innovation to hit the market, and its sure to bring hours of fun to any playroom.

The Soft Play Rainbow is a modular play system that consists of colorful and textured panels, tunnels, slides, rockers, and other fun components. The system is designed to allow you to customize the way your soft play area looks and works, so you can create the perfect space for your family. Plus, the panels and components are made from high-quality, durable materials that are designed and built to last.

When you create your Soft Play Rainbow, you have the option to choose from a variety of vibrant or neutral colors and textures. Whether you prefer bright blues, pinks, and yellows, or more neutral hues, youll be able to find the perfect combination to match your playroomscor. Plus, the Soft Play Rainbow is also designed with safety in mind, so your toddler can play the day away in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, soft play areas can help your child develop their coordination, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Soft play pieces also provide a great opportunity for imaginative play. These can be used to create new and exciting play scenarios. This encourages your child to use their imagination and develop their creative thinking.

This soft play rainbow is perfect for children of all ages. It encourages creativity, problem solving and motor skills development. It also helps children to develop their social and communication skills, as they can interact with each other while playing.

Our soft play rainbow product is sure to bring hours of FUDGee fun and playtime to your little ones.


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