"Curious.. What is the FUDGee play Couch?"

Honestly, there is no direct answer! It's our top-selling modular kids furniture! Far from your average kids sofa or toy - in fact, FUDGee unlocks a world of adventure and curiosity, inspiring your child to explore, create, and express themselves in a magical world of their own!

Part-toy, part-furniture, and part-genius!! Everyday is a new adventure with your FUDGee!

But guess what, FUDGee foam fam? We've got a little secret to share – SSHH! Our foam game recently received a major upgrade thanks to a certified and supercharged formula. It's high-density and high-performance magic that ensures a world of FUDGee Fun and cushiony comfort for all age groups. Why, you may ask? Well, it's all about delivering unmatched quality with the confidence that your FUDGee is ready to withstand the test of time and the regular, energetic child's play, even the big kids, aka adults, can get in on the FUDGee fun!

Build, Bounce, Learn, Explore, Slide, Sleep, and Repeat.

  • Kate kerdi | Interior Designer

    We're thrilled to see the FUDGee fun bundle featured in this playroom design project! It's a testament to the exceptional quality and charm of our product, recognized and appreciated within the design industry. @katekerdiinteriors

  • Habitation Design & Styling

    Color is more than just decoration; it has the power to shape a child's world and stir emotions. With our awesome collection of 100+ shades, FUDGee Kids offers designers a diverse palette to bring their vision to life. Habitation design

  • Dress My Room | Home Design

    Featuring a custom-size FUDGee! We specialize in crafting premium kids furniture that can be tailored to your specific requests, including shape, size, and color. We take great pride in ensuring a flawless fit for your child's room. Dress My Room


Unlock Your Child's Inner Superhero with the original UAE-MADE play sofa - Imagine a universe where couches transform into castles, cushions morph into stepping stones, and the living room evolves into a stage for epic make-believe adventures. Kids bounce, giggle, and unleash their inner superheroes on a sofa that's more than just furniture—it's a portal to their wildest adventures! Watch in amazement as you witness the magic unfold and see your FUDGee shape-shift right before your very eyes!


FUDGee play sofa's are extremely addictive and will result in a whirlwind of FUDGee-Fueled FUN! We cannot take responsibility for the infectious laughter, extraordinary adventures, or the sudden burst of creativity that will surely emerge!

5 🌟 ratings

It's not just the kiddos who adore FUDGee; parents are raving about it too! Our magic play couch is cherished for its extraordinary ability to transport you and your family to a world of pure imagination, earning an impressive 5-star rating.


1. Exceptionally durable & long-lasting 2. Timeless & innovative design 3. Super soft & safe 4. Easy to clean 5. Over 100 colors 6. Mix & match options 7. Customizable 8. UAE-made 9. Firm & fabulous foam filling 10. Unmatched quality.