"Meet our little Rock Star - The FUDGee Camel Rocker!"


We are thrilled to present the FUDGee Camel Rocker - the first ever foam rocking camel - A Revolutionary Way for your little ones to Rock & Roll! - It combines the traditional rocking horse/chair design with the latest in foam technology, to provide kids with the ultimate seated experience.

FUDGee Kids is proud to design and manufacture children's products in the United Arab Emirates. To represent the country, we chose a camel-shaped animal rocker. This unique piece of furniture is a perfect symbol of the cultural and natural beauty of the UAECamels have been a major part of the UAE's culture, history and economy for centuries, and they are still used today for transportation and racing. The camel rocker symbolizes the UAE's proud heritage and the country's commitment to traditional values.

The FUDGee Camel Rocker is a unique and exciting ride-on toy for children which features a sculpted, foam-filled camel design that’s sure to make them smile, it's a luxurious and stylish addition to any nursery, playroom, or bedroom.

This unique animal rocker is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable materials that are easy to clean and designed to last for years. It is made from a firm, high-density foam, covered in a soft and silky velvet fabric. When it comes to creating a real camel-like finish, velvet is a great choice as it can provide a soft, luxurious feel that is reminiscent of a camel's fur.

This soft play toy is super safe and designed to provide your child with the perfect combination of fun, comfort and entertainment. The rocking motion encourages your child to engage in calming, soothing movements and helps stimulate their senses.

In addition, the realistic camel design will provide a visually stimulating experience for your child. It will help develop gross motor skills, cognitive development and coordination while they rock, bounce and spin in a comfortable supported seat. Rockers also aid children’s core motor skills, physical development and balance, making it an ideal addition to any nursery, playroom, or bedroom. 

Overall, this Camel is an innovative, stylish addition to any home. It provides a fun and calming way to rock your child to sleep, whilst adding an elegant touch to any room. The unique design and bright colors of this piece of furniture will stimulate your child's imagination and encourage creative play

We promise this will be your child's best play mate - get  ready for hours of laughter and FUDGee Fun!!

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